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Sand Boats on a Walk// (on going "boat" project)

Performance - Tool - Video

SandShip İmage 2.jpg

“Take the Boats for a walk”
“Boats love water just as sand does.”

They ( sandboats) are waiting their time to go. When the time arrives the boats will leave until they disappear.


Sand and soil have a story behind, they came from same the place. But now they are leaving again. They are refusing to stay still.


Once it was soil and sand, then their name became “Land”. Land was divided into parcels, now they belong to someone.


Their sand taken from somewhere in Rotterdam,  a dozen of Sand Boats decide to take a walk.

They start to walk towards the water and keep going until they are gone. Gone so that they are free.

Maybe Boats just love water.


They can now swim if they want to and maybe even find a new home. Finally, B e İ n g  F r e  e


Boats love water just as sand does. Water, home to both, brings them together under its roof.


When in water, boats will dissolve sooner or later, leaving a mark as they do.


A visit to the lake, a bunch of packed sand arrived from the market,


We are taking a walk in the city, together.


Take a bunch of sand from the package and leave it out for a walk in Rotterdam.


When you find the right place, just build a dozen boats and leave them in the water of a River.

* a sand bag was taken from a supermarket during this process, and return where it belong

* Sand Boats also in Kassel documenta 15

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